Bosnian Rainbows


“I just want to leave a little mark on the world with my emotions. Yeah. No bullshit. I just wanna bare everything! Because we’re gonna die soon! Someday. You might as well bare everything, and leave your little mark there. Like a star. Oh, I feel like a hippy…”
– Teri Gender-Bender

The latest feature in the rejuvenated, reanimated, resuscitated Loose Lips Sink Ships – Bosnian Rainbows. Omar Rodriguez Lopez’ post-Mars Volta outfit – fronted by Le Butcherettes’ incandescent Teri Gender-Bender, and featuring paradigm -shifting drummer Deantoni Parks and suave synth bod Nicci Kasper – released one of the finest albums of the year, in the form of their self-titled debut album, which also contained my favourite song of 2013, Turtle Neck. Read their story, in-depth (very much in-depth), at the link above.


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