2014: 20 of the best

Every year always seems to me to be the best year ever for music, and the moment it doesn’t is the moment I quit this world. Here are my favourite albums of 2014, sort of in no particular order, though the Top 5 sort of is. If you missed out on that Kate Tempest album, go search it out, as she’s as singular and impressive a talent as I’ve ever seen, and her album Everybody Down is a remarkable achievement, the Concept Album/Song Cycle/Rap-opera that delivers more with every subsequent listen. East India Youth is Robert Wyatt meets Giorgio Moroder meets Tim Hecker meets Brian Wilson, but totally his own thing, and totally wonderful. Ty Segall… Well, Ty’s rocked my world for the last few years with albums like Melted and Twins and Slaughterhouse, along with a slew of singles and such-like, and Manipulator pulls off that trickiest of manouevres, translating his cultish brilliance to a broader canvas without selling out the weird kinks that made him so bewitching in the first place. Young Fathers totally deserved that Mercury Prize, though so did Kate and East India Youth, and perhaps its a testament to such a great year of music that three artists were up for a gong that typically leaves me totally cold. And that D’Angelo album hasn’t been out long enough for me to get fed up of it yet, or to totally unravel all its charms, but I’m loving the ride, and every corner of its sprawling funk.

Bring on 2015.

kate tempest

east india youth

ty segall

young fathers



the bug


icarus line

pink mountaintops


gallon drunk

neil young

mark lanegan

angel olsen

shabazz palaces




thee oh sees


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