Faith No More // Funkadelic // Run The Jewels

I was lucky enough to interview Faith No More in San Francisco in April for an in-depth piece that’s run in the current issue of MOJO magazine. Seeing FNM at Brixton Academy on the Angel Dust tour – with L7 playing support, the same week Donita Sparks ditched her trousers while rocking out on The Word – was the first gig I attended with my friends, and Faith No More were consistently one of the greatest rock bands I ever saw play live, and I saw them a lot. Their albums, meanwhile, have lost none of their grisly, acerbic lustre two decades on, and their new reunion LP, Sol Invictus, is that rarity – a comeback set that doesn’t shame everything that came before. Anyway, I could ramble on about Faith No More forever. Buy the new issue of MOJO, the one with Fleetwood Mac on the cover, and make me happy.

I’ve also compiled a Ten Of The Best for the Guardian from the vast technicolor ouevre of Funkadelic – go check it out, and have a go at me for missing out Maggot Brain.

And finally, I went to see Run The Jewels burn the motherfucking Forum to the ground.

Stay happy.


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