Piano Wire in Loose Lips Sink Ships


“There’s that rock’n’roll myth, of the functional junkie rock star… Our friend Jeremy went out to LA once to interview Lemmy, expecting him to be off his head the whole time, and Lemmy gave him this whole spiel about the reason he was alive was he didn’t cane it anymore. It was just the media that created the myth. It’s all blown out of proportion. Real junkies aren’t able to make a record or turn up to gigs… I mean, I was incapable of any of that. Apart from being a blithering mess, I just couldn’t do it. People who really are like that die, to be honest.” – Sym Gharial

From the ashes of 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster come the wonderful, bruised and lysergic pop nuggets of Piano Wire. Want to know more? We interview them in the latest entry in the seventh issue of Loose Lips Sink Ships. Enjoy!


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