Here you’ll find links to pieces I’ve written for magazines and websites that I’m particularly proud of, along with some occasional pieces exclusive to this site.

The Low Anthem, for The Guardian, February 2010.

A profile of legendary garage-rock label In The Red Records, for The Guardian, July 2010.

Why Metallica aren’t as amazing as they used to be, and why that’s a thing to be sad about. For The Guardian, 2008.

Two firebrand underground musicians, and their long, productive friendship: Justin Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh) and Kevin Martin (The Bug, God) talk noise. For the Guardian, 2008.

Venom invented black metal, but spent all their money on fireworks. From The Guardian, 2008.

The true story behind Comets On Fire and Howlin’ Rain: Ethan Miller talks acid-rock and California dreams. Guardian, 2008.

She does it because she loves it: Amerie, 1 Thing, and the Go-Go/R’n’B crossover. Guardian, 2007.

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